Customer Service Skills Training

We are specialists in customer service training and have a proven track record in helping organisations change the behaviour of their employees towards customers.

One organisation we worked with saw (as part of a development programme in customer care training) a reduction of 95% in formal complaints and a reduction of 67% in informal complaints.

This same organisation saw a 50% increase in compliments.

Our specialism covers telephone skills training (call centre training), face to face, as well as business writing skills (letter and e-mail).

For example, we give Customer Service Advisors the skills to:

1. Take immediate control of the customer interaction;

2. Build rapport, show understanding and relax the customer using 'empathy' skills;

3. Relax and build customer trust by using 'certainly phrases';

4. Build trust and take control of the interaction through 'verbal signposting';

5. Use good 'voice skills' and 'body language' to engage the customer and build rapport;

6. Establish clearly the customer's needs through 'effective questioning';

7. Ensure customer understanding by using 'plain English' and 'clear explanations';

8. Manage customer emotions and gain commitment to a suggested course of action by using 'positive language' and 'power words' in place of negative ones;

9. Say 'no' assertively and positively;

10. Check 'customer satisfaction' to raise awareness to the service you have provided, and ensure you get it 'right first time';

11. Show you care and are there to help by offering 'further assistance';

12. 'Get personal' to show you and the customer are human, making them feel valued and cared for as an individual.

Training for customer service is not about giving people good customer service skills, it's about giving them excellent customer service skills.

Key steps to our success:

1. We get to know your organisation, it's vision, values and goals;
2. We assess the levels of customer service being provided by your organisation;
3. We provide our recommendations for a bespoke development programme to suit the business goals and development needs of your people.

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We will spend time listening in to calls and observing your people interact with their customers face to face. We will then provide you with a report highlighting our recommendations for improvements to achieve greater customer satisfaction.

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